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Home Charging Point Installation

As electric cars become more and more popular, the need for more electric car charging points is becoming increasingly necessary for UK drivers. The best and most convenient spot for charging your car is, of course, at your home, so it's no wonder that more and more drivers are opting for a home charging point installation. 

This article will explain everything you need to know about electric car charging points, EV Home Chargers and the benefits of choosing a home charging point installation from Perth City Electrics.  

We'll also talk you through the cost, installation length and the EV Home Charger options that are available on the market today.  


Home Charging Point Installation | Electric Car Charger


What are the benefits of a Home Charging Point installation? 

The main benefits of having an EV Home Charger include; 

  • The convenience of charging from home & utilising overnight charge 
  • Will save money in the long run 
  • No need to worry about finding public charging points 
  • Better for the planet and can be used for years to come 
  • Charge your electric car faster from the comfort of your home


What is needed to charge an electric car at home? 

Unlike traditional car owners who fill their cars up with petrol, electric car drivers need to locate a public charging station to recharge the battery in their vehicles. It isn't unusual to spot a charging station in the city or conveniently located in a car park.  

Still, they certainly aren't as common at petrol stations just yet, and no one wants to be left frantically searching for a charging point minutes before your Electric Vehicle (EV) dies.  

So, what can electric car drivers do to give themselves peace of mind when it comes to charging their car? 

Well, charging your electric vehicle at home during the night, just like you would your smartphone, sounds like a pretty convenient option, right? That way, you can drive off each day knowing your car is fully charged and ready to go. Luckily, domestic charging is becoming more popular and is readily available for most EV owners.  

There are two options for EV Home Charger installation. 

  1. Charging your car via a three-pin plug from a typical home socket. Usually, this would involve running an extension lead from your house or garage to reach your vehicle and then plugging it in as you would any other electrical device. However, the main issue with this option is that it can take a long time and use a substantial amount of energy to charge your EV fully.  

  2. EV drivers can install an EV Home Charger into their home, which is far more convenient and faster, not to mention more energy efficient. After the initial installation cost, a. EV Home Charger will help save you money and act as a more convenient and cost-effective way of charging your EV.  

Home Charging Point Installation | Electric Car Charger


What type of EV Home Charger is best? 

There are a few main points to consider when choosing the best electric car charger for you: 

  • Power - The charging points can come in a range of power options. As a general rule, the higher the KW, the stronger the power and the faster the charge. However, as the power goes up, so does the cost. 7kw chargers are a nice middle point in terms of both power supply, charging speed and price. 

  • Design - Chargers can come in different designs and colours. As you'll be seeing and using your electric car charger every day, it's a good idea to get something that looks good and fits with the surroundings! 

  • Cable - There are a few options for the different types of cables available for home charging points. Mainly you can choose between a tethered charger & an untethered charger.  

Tethered comes with a cable and is generally less fuss; however, it is rather bulky and won't work with every car.  

Untethered chargers come without an attached cable, are sleek in design and should work with every car. However, you'll have to carry your cable with you, which can prove troublesome for some.  


Smart Chargers  

Smart chargers are an excellent EV Home Charger option for your electric car.  

Smart chargers are internet-connected, so they can receive feedback and data directly from your electric car using grid technology, allowing the smart charger to work out the cheapest and most energy-efficient times to recharge your EV. Not only can smart charging save you money, but it is also better for the planet!  

There's a reason why smart chargers are quickly becoming the most popular type of EV Home Charger on the market today!

Home Charging Point Installation | Electric Car Charger


How can I install an EV Home Charger? 

Before you install a charging point at your property, EV owners need to pass a few simple checks to ensure they're in accordance with both the law and the requirements for an EV Home Charger. These include; 

  • Owning the property or having permission from a landlord 
  • Have off-street parking - i.e. driveway, garage or private parking space 

If you can meet these requirements, then you're ready for your EV Charger installation! 

Perth City Electrics has become a leading expert in EV charger home installation services for the Perth area and Scotland. 

Choosing and installing an EV Home Charger with Perth City Electrics puts you in safe hands and assures you of a reliable EV Home Charger for years to come. We are on hand to help you every step of the way, so if any issues or problems occur with your EV Home Charger after the installation service, don't hesitate to reach out to our expert team of electricians. 


How long does home charging take? 

The time it takes for charging an electric car at home depends on two main things:

  • The size of your electric car battery
  • The type of charger you're using.  

By using a standard 7kw charger on a large car battery of 40kw, charging will only take around 6 hours. The simple equation below will help you determine the charging time for your electric car; 

Car battery size ÷ charger speed = charging time. 

If you choose to stick with the basic charging method of using a traditional plug outlet, you could be looking at upwards of 17 hours to charge your electric car fully. Not only is this an inconveniently long time, but it will also have an adverse effect on your energy bills, which no one wants.

If you instead opt to have a home charging point installed, it will only take around 5-7 hours to fully charge your EV. Hook your electric car up before going to bed and in the morning your EV will be fully charged and rearing to go.  

This overnight charging method is the easiest and cheapest way of charging your EV. 


How much does it cost to install an EV Home Charger? 

Installation costs for EV Home Charging Points can range in price. 

The cost depends on the type and power of EV Home Charger you want installed.

As standard, Perth City Electric can install 7kw home chargers from £980. For higher power EV chargers all prices are subject to survey. 

It's worth noting that having an EV Home Charger installed will help save you money in the long run and the cost of electric vehcile charging will be significantly cheaper than filling up a tank of petrol.  

To help indivduals manage the cost of installing a EV Home Charger and to promote the use of electric cars in the UK, there are a few helpful Government EV charging schemes available for both domestic and commercial property owners and renters. Find out if you're eligible for an EV Home Charger Grant. 

Home Charging Point Installation | Electric Car Charger


EV Home Charger Schemes

The government continues to introduce different types of grants for installing EV Charging Stations at home and at work. Although the recent EV home charge scheme for homeowners ended on April 1st, there is now a range of new schemes available.  

These new schemes are targetted towards: 

  • Landlords renting out accommodation  
  • Flat owners  
  • Renters  
  • Workplaces  
  • Commercial property owners  

The grants are here to assist EV drivers with up to 75% (up to £350 max) of the installation cost of an EV charger for the workplace, rented property or commercial property.  

There are a few basic requirements that need to be met in order to benefit from the scheme, so if you've purchased a plug-in hybrid vehicle or an electric car since October 2016, and you meet the below checks, you're in luck!  

  • You're having a smart charger installed  
  • You benefit from private off-street parking, a private workplace car park or a commercial car park used for customers. 
  • The date of your charger installation doesn't exceed more than four months ahead of the date of delivery of the charger or of the date you became the registered driver of your new EV.  
  • Your charging point installer is OLEV approved. 

Who can install my EV Home Charger? 

Here at Perth City Electrics, we take pride in being a forward-thinking, environmentally friendly electrical company. This is why we've made it one of our top priorities to become a leading installer of electric vehicle charge points. 

Our expert electricians can come out to you to get your home charger installed quickly and easily. We'll talk you through all of your options beforehand and make sure your home meets all the requirements for having a home charging system installed.  

We'll also talk you through the simple charging process for your EV Home Charger and gladly answer any questions you may have.  

If an EV Home Charger is what you are after, get in contact with us today to get the process started.