Electric Vehicle Charge Point Installation

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Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points have evolved since their first introduction. Using intelligent technology, charging points can be connected to wifi and Bluetooth and are more convenient than ever. With electric vehicle home charging points now widely available, it's never been easier to own an electric car.

The use of electric vehicles has been quickly rising in recent years, with more than 30,000 charge points now installed across the UK, 10,000 of those added in 2019 alone.

We install electric vehicle charging points both domestically and commercially. You can now charge your car while you sleep, while you shop and while you work with a professionally installed charging point.



Power from Perth City Electric

As certified and experienced installers of EV charging points, we are fully certified and experienced in private and commercial EV charging point installation.

As you can see on our Accreditation page, we are one of Scotland's fastest-growing independent companies. 

We are fully approved by the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) along with our general electrical services. This means we can offer the installation of many of the leading brands of charging stations to meet any requirements and provide the best solution to charging your vehicle.

What's included in a standard installation?

  • Up to 10 meters of cable connecting your electricity meter and charger (which will be clipped or mounted to a wall surface).
  • If required, the cable can be drilled through one hole in a wall (up to 500 mm thick).
  • Up to 3 meters of plastic conduit (used to conceal interior wiring).
  • All safety tests necessary to ensure your charger is ready for use.
  • The set-up of your charge point and mobile device connection.
  • A complete overview of how to use your charger.
  • A complete overview of how to manage your charger using the mobile app.
  • An earth rod in soft ground (if required).

As part of a purchase of an EV charger, we will make the following assumptions:

  • Your existing switchboard has available space.
  • No additional groundworks are required.
  • The service fuse is 80amps or greater.
  • There is an existing isolation switch between your switchboard and meter.
  • The purchase of your EV charger will include an online survey which will require you to include photographs of your property and its electrical system. This will help us determine the requirements for the installation.

What happens on installation day

  • The charger will be attached to a wall surface.
  • An earthing rod will be installed into the soft ground near your charger.
  • Your electrical supply will be turned off for a short time during the installation.
  • Set up both the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections between your charger and mobile device.
  • Our team will show you how the charger and mobile app function.
  • A final safety test.
  • Then your new EV charger will be ready to use.

As part of a standard installation, if there is no existing meter isolation switch installed, additional cost may be required, or you will need to arrange this independently.

Why install a Charge Point at home?

As we move towards a more eco-friendly society, electric cars have become more and more popular over the years. Installing a charging unit at your home not only benefits you but the whole community. It helps your area work towards becoming a low emission zone (LEZ) and will encourage others to invest in an electric car too.

Being able to charge at home has many benefits. Firstly, it’s very convenient, and can be installed right by your on-street or off-street parking. Our chargers also support overnight charging. All you have to do is attach your charging cable to your car when you arrive home, and your vehicle will be fully charged when you wake up.

As green options become more desirable, installing a smart charger can, in fact, increase your property value. The ability to charge your electric car at home is a huge selling point. 

In an effort to encourage the use of electric cars, the government has launched the electric vehicle home charge scheme (EVHS). Also known as an OZEV grant, the government will provide a 75% contribution towards the cost of installing your charger (using an eligible company).

As an accredited EVHS installer, Perth City Electric can investigate whether or not you’re eligible for this grant. Just get in touch today.

Why install a Charge Point at your business?

Workplace charge points are becoming a must-have attribute of all commercial premises. It’s vital for your business to keep up with the times and satisfy the increasingly urgent regulations imposed by the government in terms of companies and green energy. EV charge points are fast becoming essential, and the sooner you install them, the better.

Providing accessible charge points is an important step in encouraging your employees to make greener choices. Simply, these choices will benefit everyone in the community and contribute towards creating an eco-friendly society.

The more technology advances, the easier it becomes to keep track of your charge points. Many chargers use smart technology that links with unique user IDs and online platforms. This allows you to offer incentives to your staff and make it easy for them to keep track of their spending.

For more details on EV charge stations, their installation and what is included, give us a call.