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Grant Schemes For Electric Vehicle Charging

Could you be eligible for an EV home charging grant?

Don’t let the cost of installing a charge point stop you from making a difference!

It’s well documented that electric cars are more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run overall. But, we understand that they come at a cost. In order to get the best use out of your electric car, it’s best to install a charging solution at your home or workplace, a process that can sometimes be costly.

As part of new initiatives launched to encourage the use of hybrid and electric cars, the Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles (OZEV) has introduced several funding schemes for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The funding will cover up to 75% of EV charging station installation costs, at a max of £350.00

EV Charging Installation Cost

Why has the government introduced these grants?

Escalating the use of electric cars is a crucial step to decarbonising our roads and lowering toxic emissions. The schemes are designed to remove obstacles that might discourage potential buyers from the electric or hybrid vehicle market.

One of the most significant barriers is access to charging points. Generally, the most convenient solution is to install a charging system at work or home. However, the purchase and installation costs of charging equipment can be expensive and put many people off buying more environmentally friendly vehicles.

The grant is designed to remove this barrier, funding charging solutions at home and work. Hopefully, this encourages more people to invest in a cleaner and more eco-friendly future and means that recipients will be able to charge their car at their convenience while sleeping, eating, or working.

Important changes to EVHS scheme 

Up until the 1st of April 2022, the EVHS scheme was in place to help homeowners install EV Chargers at their homes.

The government scheme has now changed slightly to help those who are living in rented accommodation and homeowners who live in flats. The size of grant available remains the same, as do the requirements for applying. The only significant change is who the scheme is aimed at. 

Read below to find out about the range of new government schemes focused on installing more EV Chargers at homes and workplaces across the UK.  


What funds for electric vehicle chargers are available?

OLEV has a number of schemes available for application. These include: 


EV Charge Point Grant 

This new EV Charge Point Grant replaces the old Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) to help additional groups of people install EV Charging Stations at or near their homes.  

The EV Charge Point Grant is for: 

  • Homeowners who live in flats 
  • People living in rental accommodation (flats and single-use properties) 

Amongst the eligible vehicles are full battery-electric cars and hybrid vehicles whose CO2 emissions are calculated at below 50g/km. You can claim one charge point per vehicle on two eligible vehicles per household.  

However, you must have off-street parking to qualify for the scheme. This means even if you live in rented accommodation, you must have a private parking space to be accepted for the grant. 

You must also install an OLEV approved charge point by an OLEV approved installer, like Perth City Electric. 

After installing your new OLEV approved charging point, we will bill you for the price of the installation taking into account the deduction that the scheme provides.  


The Workplace EV Charging Grant  

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a voucher-based initiative designed for businesses, charities and public sector organisations. The grant provides assistance with the upfront costs of purchasing and installing chargers at a place of work. 

Like other grants and funding for electric vehicles, successful applicants will be supplied with a percentage of the cost for each socket; 75% up to £350.  

However, in this scheme, each business can apply for funding for up to 40 sockets across 40 different sites.  

To qualify, you’ll need to pledge that you intend to encourage electric car use within your workforce. You’ll also need dedicated off-street staff parking to claim the grant, such as a private car park that is used by your (or the buildings) employees.  

If successful, you will be supplied with a voucher which can simply be given to any OLEV approved installer, such as Perth City Electric. From there, we get to work installing your solution.  

Please note that these vouchers must be claimed and the charge point installation must be completed within six months of the voucher’s issue date.   


EV Charge Point Grant for Landlords 

This new scheme as of April 1st 2022 is designed to help landlords and commercial property owners install EC Chargers at residential or commercial properties for renters and customers to use.  

The grant amount is in line with all other OZEV grants; up to 75% of the cost towards the purchase and installation of a new EV charging socket, limited to £350 per grant. 

Landlords can receive a maximum of 200 grants per year for residential properties, and a further 100 for commercial properties. These grants can spread across multiple properties or for just a single property.  

For example, if you owned a block of 20 flats, you could apply for 20 separate grants for the installation of 20 charge points, with a further 180 applications remaining for the rest of the financial year, should you need them.  

Find out more about the OZEV charge point scheme for landlords, including a list of who is eligible.  

EV Charging Installation Cost

How do I apply for EV grants or funding?

The application process differs depending on which grant you’re applying for. The application methods are as follows:


The EV Charge Point Grant

If you’re an individual looking to install your own home charger at your rented property or at the flat that you own, this grant is for you and it’s super easy to apply for.  

Applications must be made by an approved EVHS installer, such as Perth City Electric. If you are eligible for the grant then we will apply on your behalf and in from of you of the amount you will still need to pay to have your EV charger installed. You can then confirm if you would like us to proceed with the installation of your new home charger.  

Find out if you are eligible for the EV charge point grant

The Workplace Charging Scheme

You can apply for the WCS through a simple online application form. The form will ask for: 

  • Your contact details  
  • Proof of eligibility  
  • Specifications about where the installations will take place 
  • Official declaration of commitment to encourage the use of electric vehicles, or evidence of a current need for charge points 

Once you’ve been approved, a unique voucher code will be generated. That’s when you can approach us, an WSC approved installer, and we’ll install the charge points for you by redeeming your voucher code. 

You will then be left with the remaining charges that aren’t covered by the scheme. You will pay these directly to your installer 


The EV Charge Point Grant for Landlords   

The EV grant for landlords of residential and commercial properties requires landlords to first register with DVLA, using the landlord registration form for EV Chargers.

After successful registration, landlords can then approach OZEV approved EV Installers who can then make claims for work completed on the landlord’s behalf. Landlords will be expected to pay the remaining fees that are not covered by the grant directly to the EV Installer.  

This process is designed to be simple and easy to navigate, therefore helping more and more properties across the UK to have EV Chargers installed. If you require any further guidance don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team.  


An installer you can trust

Perth City Electric is a fully certified, OLEV approved installer.

Our strong values and excellent customer service make us the ideal choice to install your charge point. After many years of experience, our team of professionals prides itself on delivering the swift and high-quality results associated with our name.

If you need any further advice on installing your new EV charger with a government grant, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to assist you.